Grading Reports

Report cards are issued each semester and mailed directly to the parents. Quarter grades indicate the student’s progress in the course. Semester grades are recorded on the student’s permanent record (transcript) and are used to determine class rank. Second semester mid-term progress reports and first semester report cards will only be sent if payment is current. Report cards will not be sent at the end of the year until all fees, fines, and tuition are paid. Parents and students are able to check grades any time online.

Report cards will only be displayed online each quarter and at the end of each semester. Honors courses receive a 0.33 increase in GPA mark points due to the nature of the course content. Honors courses include:

  • AP Calculus
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Lit & Comp
  • AP US History
  • Physics
  • Spanish IV
  • German IV
  • PLTW BioMed
  • PLTW Aerospace

An incomplete is marked by an “I” on the report card, when, because of illness, absence, or another valid excuse, insufficient work has been turned in to warrant a grade. In such cases, credit is withheld until the situation has been remedied to the satisfaction of the teacher involved. The student is responsible for all make-up work. This “I” becomes an “F” if the work is not completed within two weeks after the end of the marking period, unless there is some exceptional and valid excuse for extending this time. A failing final mark in a required course must be made up to fulfill graduation requirements.God expects each student to work according to his or her ability. Realizing that not all students have average abilities in academics or have identified learning disabilities, instructors may choose to give a low achieving student an “E.” This mark suggests that the student has produced work showing exceptional effort, but has not achieved a grade as high as a “D-.” The student with an “E” does receive credit for the course.


Students must have 26 academic credits to graduate (please see handbook for requirements). All tuition and student fees must be paid in full or a signed agreement to pay in full must be on file in the office. no transcript of credits or diploma will be issued until all obligations, both academic and financial, to the school have been satisfactorily met. It is understood as a matter of contract that families, by their attendance at SLHS, waive their right to the forwarding of transcripts to their next school. Attendance at SLHS is viewed as an assent to the terms and conditions stated in the handbook.

Online Grades

Check the student or parent portal for resources that include checking online grades.

91-92 B+3.33
83-84 C+2.33
75-76 D+1.33
70-71 D-.67
(No Credit)
WP0.0Withdraw Pass
WF0.0Withdraw Fail
T0.0Transfer to Another


Anna Becker

The confession tumbles out. “I’ve ruined a few carpets,” spurts Shoreland Lutheran High School senior Anna Becker as she explains that her absolute love of science and homemade experiments has caused the demise of more than one household item, a byproduct of her enthusiasm that her mother has learned to tolerate. Read her story