Academic Guide

All students will be led through the process of selecting courses for each semester that they attend SLHS. Students will be advised on course selections that meet graduation requirements and career pursuits. Parents will be informed of course selections and subsequent course selection changes as they are requested. Parents must approve course selections as well as changes prior to implementation.

Planning Your Program

ReligionReligion (1)Religion (1)Religion (1)Religion (1)4 credits
EnglishEnglish (1)English (1)English (1)English (1)4 credits
MathMath (1)Math (1)Math (1) 3 credits
Social Studies World History (1)US History (1)American Gov. (.5)

Economics (.5)

3 credits
ScienceBiology (1)Physical Science (1)  3 credits
CommercialComputer Essentials (.5)   .5 credits
Fine ArtsMusic (.5)   1 credit
Phy. Ed.Phys Ed. (1)Health (.5)  2 credits
Electives    5.5 credits
TOTAL Credits Required for Graduation26 credits
** If a student took Algebra I in grade school and a successfully completed placement test, Geometry may be taken. 



Pre-college Program

In most cases, our technical and professional-minded society requires a post-high school education. Most of our graduates will be attending colleges, universities, or technical schools to pursue further education to accomplish their career goals.  Students planning to attend college should be sure to discuss those plans with the Guidance Director, homeroom advisors, and parents early in their high school years. For those considering college, the following path is strongly recommended.

College Prep CourseworkCredits Required
Math3 – 4
Science3 – 4
Social Studies3 – 4
Foreign Language2 – 3


Pre-ministerial Program

Jesus gave us all the command to go and preach and teach the Word of God to all people. To some, He has given the gifts and abilities to work full time as pastors and teachers. We strongly encourage our students to pursue a career as a pastor, teacher, or staff minister in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. We offer a course of study to prepare them for Martin Luther College, the WELS College of ministry.

RecommendedMLC Pastoral Ministry RecommendedMLC Teaching /Staff Ministry
4 – yearsEnglish 4 – yearsEnglish
3 – 4 yearsSocial Studies 3 – 4 yearsSocial Studies
3 – 4 yearsMath 3 – 4 yearsMath
3 – 4 yearsScience 3 – 4 yearsScience
2+ – yearsLatin/German/Spanish 2 – yearsAny Foreign Language



General Education Program

For those students who do not intend to attend college but desire a high school education based on a sound Christian viewpoint, there are a variety of electives besides the required courses available at SLHS. The student probably will choose to take additional courses in areas such as commercial, practical arts or home economics.

Olivia Mooney

Olivia graduated from our trades program in 2020, one of the first women to do so. But she had always been encouraged by the Skilled Trades Academy teachers and her parents to pursue her career. In particular, Olivia says Shoreland’s Mathematics Teacher Jason Hagedorn, Business Teacher Scott Zondag and Dean of Students Paul Strutz worked tirelessly to be sure that their students understood the concept or work they were presenting until everyone in the class mastered the task. Read her story