Shoreland Lutheran High School utilizes the full ACT suite for testing students.  This allows us to track student progress in a meaningful way and accurately identify academic areas to support each student.  The following information represents the testing schedule for each student at Shoreland.  More information about the ACT can be found by CLICKING HERE.

GradeACT Test
9th GradeACT Aspire
10th GradeACT Aspire
11th GradeACT<
*All students take ACT unless opting out

ACT Test Preparation
Shoreland advertises Wisconsin Test Prep to students as a preparation option for the ACT to be taken during their 11th grade year.  The following information comes from http://www.wisconsintestprep.com/.  Click the link for more information or download the brochure on the right hand side of this page.
The Wisconsin Test Prep course consists of seven sessions that focus on all four ACT® test subject areas. Because our curriculum uses actual ACT® test problems, students gain a distinct competitive edge on test day. For those students choosing to take the writing test, we include preparation during the reading session.

Session 1 Students take ACT® pretest and learn test-taking strategies
Session 2 Focus on English content area
Session 3 Focus on Math content area
Session 4 Focus on Math content area
Session 5 Focus on Reading/Writing content area
Session 6 Focus on Science content area
Session 7 3-1/2 hour practice ACT® test

After students take tests, they get correct answers and explanations for each question. For their final session, students take a three-hour practice ACT® test on a Saturday – like “test-driving” the real thing! Then students learn their scores and correct answers…the best way to prepare for the actual test.


Anna Becker

The confession tumbles out. “I’ve ruined a few carpets,” spurts Shoreland Lutheran High School senior Anna Becker as she explains that her absolute love of science and homemade experiments has caused the demise of more than one household item, a byproduct of her enthusiasm that her mother has learned to tolerate. Read her story