Host Families

Shoreland offers families the opportunity to host international students, assisting in the ministry of our International Student Program. Various schools and international education agencies send students who have received an English education; our mission is to provide a nurturing “home away from home” that provides both growth in the Word of God and a greater opportunity for English mastery.

Students are hosted from the middle of August to the end of May.

  • The expectation is that the student will be provided with a room, board, and reasonable transportation. There is no requirement to serve as a “travel agent” for the student.
  • The most important role for the host family is to serve as a helper for growth in the Christian faith. Along with providing the students with an experience in a Christian home setting, the host family would also provide the opportunity for these students to attend church on a regular basis.
  • A secondary important role is to encourage practice in the English language. This can be done simply by conversing with the students in ordinary contexts. Communication is not usually an issue for host families as the student must be able to function in an English speaking classroom.

If you have any questions, or are interested in more information on how to apply to host an international student for the upcoming school year, please contact Mrs. Julie Uher, international student coordinator, at (262) 859-2595.

God’s blessings as you consider being a part of this wonderful mission experience.