Shoreland Lutheran High School

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Experience Shoreland

The best way to find out that Shoreland Lutheran High School is a great place to be is to come and experience it for yourself. In addition to tours, we also offer several other formal and informal ways for you, your child, and your family to visit our campus to see what we have to offer.

Pacer for a Day
Once a year, in early November, all of the 8th graders from the Shoreland federation grade schools are invited to attend Pacer for a Day. Over 150 grade school students are welcomed by the Shoreland faculty and dozens of high school volunteers. The day begins with worship, continues with various presentations from each educational department, lunch, and finishes with a series of group activities. Meet current and future Pacers and Pacer teachers as you get to know our campus and the programs we offer.
If you are an 8th grader who does not attend one of our federation grade schools but would like to attend Pacer for a Day, please contact Mr. Huebner (262-859-2595) or


Tuesdays at Shoreland
Shoreland federation grade schools are invited to bring their 6th and 7th grade students to Shoreland on various Tuesday mornings in the spring. Students will arrive just after 9:00am, be escorted to chapel and then led to sets 3 and 4 to experience two high school classes. Subject areas visited rotate from year to year but the classroom experience will be one that is interactive for the grade school and high school students. Students will be treated to a hot lunch and then dismissed to return to their schools by Noon. Grade schools will be contacted to set up specific visit dates.
Open Houses
Shoreland Lutheran High School offers two Open House opportunities during the school year. The first is in October and the second is in January. Specific details can be found on our school calendar or by contacting our office.
LLAC Events
Throughout the year, the Shoreland Lutheran campus plays host to a number of different grade school events run by our federation grade schools and the Lake Lutheran Athletic Conference (LLAC). The soccer, volleyball, cross country, track & field, and basketball tournaments at Shoreland are all good opportunities to visit our campus, meet Shoreland representatives and meet future Pacer classmates and friends. Along with the sporting events, there are also forensics, academics, musical events and worship services throughout the year. If you know you will be in the building for a particular event and would like to meet with a Shoreland representative while you are there, please contact Mr. Huebner (262-859-2595) or (
Shadow Days
Prospective students, 5th grade and older, who are interested in shadowing a Shoreland student for a day should contact Mr. Huebner (262-859-2595) or ( Students can request to shadow someone they know or be assigned to a Shoreland student by Mr. Huebner. Free hot lunch is included for shadowing students. Please call or email at least one week in advance of your intended shadow date.
Summer Camps
Shoreland Lutheran High School offers over a dozen summer camp opportunities for grade school students. Nearly every sport we offer holds a summer camp including the following: football, soccer (coed), volleyball, cross country, basketball (boys and girls), baseball, softball, and track & field. There is also a STEM camp for students who are interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. To learn more about any of the camp offerings, please follow this link to the camp registration page.