Shoreland Lutheran High School

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SLHS is a member of the Association of Lutheran High Schools and is listed in the Wisconsin Non-Public School Directory published by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Credits earned at SLHS are transferable to other secondary schools, both public and non-public, and to any institutions of higher learning.  
Shoreland utilizes for transcript requests.  Please click the Order My Transcript button below or contact student services for more information.
Transcript Requests
Transcript Fees
Current SLHS Student SLHS Alumni
$4 $6


Transfer Credit Policy (incoming)
Regarding our practice with transfer credits:
  • Shoreland will accept credit and record a given grade (A-F) for any class in which credit is given from another recognized educational organization.
  • Shoreland does not accept transfer grades in a weighted grading format.
  • Grades will be entered on a student’s transcript as received for credit, and will be calculated into a student’s GPA using Shoreland’s grading scale.
Contact the Guidance office with any questions regarding transcripts.