Shoreland Lutheran High School

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Why Shoreland Lutheran High School?

Service towards your family, workplace, congregation, and Lord starts at Shoreland Lutheran.  Compelled by the love of Christ, Shoreland Lutheran High School exists to EducateEquip, and Encourage students for lives of Christian service.

As a ministry, we offer God’s Word taught in its truth and purity. This is not limited to chapel and religion classes, but every thought, subject, and activity is captive to the Word of Christ.  The knowledge of Jesus as our loving Savior drives student behavior, even when faced with the problems of the world that Satan likes to put in our way.

As a school, we offer many classes that will prepare students to become successful servant leaders. Our graduates can be found in various vocations – doctors, accountants, bankers, sales people, web developers, engineers, mechanics, construction workers, pastors, and teachers just to name a few.  
As our mission statement says, we strive for all Shoreland students to be educated, equipped, and encouraged for lives of Christian service in whichever vocation they choose.  Come see what a Christ-centered servant-leadership education is all about at Shoreland Lutheran High School.
Please contact Mr. Huebner for more information.
Paul Huebner
Director of Admissions