Shoreland Lutheran High School

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Pacer Passport

The Pacer Passport is a FREE ticket to all Shoreland Lutheran High School (SLHS) home athletic, theater, and music events for children in grades K-8. Every time you visit SLHS and remember to bring your Pacer Passport, you will receive a stamp in your passport. Collect stamps to be entered into raffles for prizes.


During SLHS athletic events, students will receive a stamp at the ticket table. For all other visits to SLHS, students will stamp their passport at one of the two designated stamp stations (indoors in the gym or outdoors by the concession stand). After 3 stamps, 5 stamps, and 10 stamps, students should have their parents notify the SLHS Admissions Director, Mr. Paul Huebner, via email: so that he can enter them into the various raffles.


  • After 3 stamps, students are entered into a raffle to win a pizza party for their entire classroom with SLHS President Paul Scriver.
  • After 5 stamps, students receive a t-shirt and are entered into a raffle to win an iPad.
  • After 10 stamps, students are entered into a raffle to win a $1,000 scholarship to be applied to SLHS tuition.