Shoreland Lutheran High School

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Shoreland Lutheran High School is located in the Kenosha Unified School District (KUSD). Any student living within KUSD and more than two miles from school is entitled to transportation. Shoreland is also located within five miles of three other school districts: Racine Unified, Union Grove, and Salem Central. Any student living in these areas is also entitled to transportation by law.  Officials of the respective district decide whether this involves busing directly or by parent contract.

In addition to the busing provided by those districts, Shoreland owns and operates a fleet of buses to provide transportation for students who come from outlying areas of our Federation. Currently transportation is available for students from East Troy, Elkhorn, Lake Geneva, Burlington, Wilmot, Antioch, Bristol, South Milwaukee, Oak Creek, and Caledonia. A user fee helps defray the cost of this transportation. Routes and stops are established each year based on those who participate in the program. These routes are set up based on need after registration each year.
Mr. Scott Zondag
Transportation Administrator
262-859-2595 (ext. 109)