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To learn more about Shoreland's exceptional spiritual, academic and extracurricular programs, join us for our Open House on Wednesday, Jan. 15, from 6 to 8 p.m.

SLHS Wish List

The items on this list are considered "outside-the-budget" items desired by our faculty to help make our school premier.  With your gift, we can make these educational items a reality.
Hopefully, all of these items will be obtained in the future, either because of individual gifts like yours, or depending upon the gifts given to our annual Heritage Fund.  The first $250,000 of the Heritage Fund are needed to fund the operation and educational necessities of the school.  However, anything beyond that will be used to purchase these "outside-the-budget" items.
You have the opportunity to donate to the Heritage Fund, or select an item from this list that you have a passion for supporting immediately.  You can do either by calling the office at 262-859-2595, donating online, or sending a check (with indication of intent) to:
Shoreland Lutheran High School
9026 12th Street
PO Box 295
Somers, WI 53171 
Item Department Donated vs. Total Cost
15 passenger "mini-bus" Athletics $22,000 of $22,000 has been donated
 Furniture for Academic Commons General  $20,000 of $20,000 has been donated 
PLTW Jet Stream 500 Wind Tunnel  STEM - Engineering $4,250 of $4,250 has been donated 
3D printer STEM - Engineering $3,000 of $3,000 been donated 
 New chairs for concerts/presentations General $0 of $1,500 been donated 
2 DNA models Bio-med $0 of $600 has been donated 
Festival Choir Robes Choir $0 of $15,000 has been donated 
Down-draft sanding table Shop $300 of $300 has been donated 
Justrite Flammable Storage Cabinet Shop $0 of $1,200 has been donated 
Choral Shell Choir $0 of $15,000 has been donated 
String Bass Orchestra $1,800 of $1,800 has been donated 
Music Stands Orchestra/Choir $35 of $650 has been donated 
Two Business Desks Business Law $0 of $3,500 has been donated 
Two I-pads Spanish $0 of $1,000 has been donated 
Two Apple TVs Spanish $0 of $300 has been donated 
Hymnals for Chapel General $0 of $7,000 has been donated 
 Digital Atomic Clocks General $0 of $700 has been donated
4/4 size violin Orchestra $0 of $350 has been donated
3/4 size violin Orchestra $0 of $350 has been donated
14 in. viola Orchestra $0 of $350 has been donated
Choral Risers (4 sections) Choir $0 of $6,000 has been donated
Choral Folders Festival Choir $0 of $800 has been donated
CW: Worship Supplement Chapel $0 of $5,000 has been donated
Chapel Banners Chapel $0 of $1,000 has been donated