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SLHS current positive COVID-19 cases = 2    Total SLHS population = 411    Percent of population positive = .49%
Earn $$ for SLHS » Good Search

Good Search

What is Goodsearch?

Goodsearch is a Yahoo!-powered search engine.  Each time you search online through Goodsearch, a donation will be made to Shoreland. 

How do I start raising money for Shoreland?
  1. Visit and designate Shoreland.
  2. Create a user profile that will allow you to keep track of your individual amount raised.
  3. Use the search box on the Goodsearch homepage or download a Good To-Go add-on to search the Internet just like you normally would, with the added bous that you are earning a donation for virtually every search.
How much can I earn for Shoreland?

Each qualifying web search generates approximagely one cent.  These pennies add up quickly.  Just think of how often you search for something!

How do I make Goodsearch my homepage?

Internet Explorer
  • Go to Tools and select Internet Options
  • Select the General Tab
  • Paste as the homepage and click OK

  • Go to Tools and select Options (Windows users) OR select Preferences on Firefox (Mac users)
  • Select the General Tab
  • Paste as the homepage and click OK
  • Go to the upper right hand corner of the screen and click on the Tools Icon
  • Select Settings
  • Under the On Startup section, choose Set Pages
  • Add to the URL box and click close

Where can I find more details about Goodsearch?

Find more details on their Frequently Asked Questions page.