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Grades & Eligibility


Report cards are issued each semester and are mailed directly to the parents. Quarter grades indicate the student's progress in the course. Semester grades are recorded on the student's permanent record (transcript) and are used to determine class rank. Parents and students are able to check grades any time on PowerSchool.  


Honors courses receive a 0.33 increase in GPA mark points due to the nature of the course content. Honors courses are identified within the Course Catalog.


An incomplete is marked by an "I" on the report card when, because of illness, absence, or another valid excuse, insufficient work has been turned in to warrant a grade. In such cases, credit is withheld until the situation has been remedied to the satisfaction of the teacher involved. The student is responsible for all make-up work. This "I" becomes an "F" if the work is not completed within two weeks after the end of the marking period, unless there is some
exceptional and valid excuse for extending this time. A failing final mark in a required course must be made up to fulfill graduation requirements.

God expects each student to work according to his/her ability. Realizing that not all students have average abilities in academics, instructors may choose to give a low achieving student an "E." This mark suggests that the student has produced work showing exceptional effort, but has not achieved a grade as high as a "D-." The student with an "E" does receive credit for the course.



These guidelines apply to all areas of student life outside of the classroom.  This includes such non-credit areas as athletics, clubs and organizations, and musical and dramatic groups.


General Considerations

  1. Participation in co-curricular activities at Shoreland is to be encouraged in that these create another avenue of education for students with special interests and talents.
  2. Participation in extra-curricular activities is a privilege granted to our students to be used in a God-pleasing way.
  3. Although time and effort is needed to do well in these activities, at no time should any activity interfere with classroom assignments or activities.
  4. Guidance and counseling from parents, faculty, and advisors is needed to serve the best interests of our students.  The individual’s personal needs will be considered.
  5. On occasion, the over-all welfare of a team or organization may have to be considered over an individual’s personal needs.
  6. Students are required by board policy to be present for all classes to participate in any practice, game, or performance.  The administration reserves the right to decide if an excuse is acceptable.
  7. In the light of important academic priorities, a student may have to be restricted from participation in co-curricular activities.
  8. Eligibility status is determined at the end of each quarter.
  9. A physical exam and a parental signature are required before a student can participate in an interscholastic sport.


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to participate in co-curricular activities, a student must conform to the following regulations:

  1. Enrollment
    1. The student must be in regular attendance in grades 9, 10, 11, 12.
    2. He/She must have enrolled in the school by the first day of athletic practice or the first day of school for the current school year.
    3. Enrollment for forty school days of a semester shall constitute a full semester for eligibility purposes in interscholastic competition.
    4. International student eligibility must be approved by WIAA.
    5. Work-release students are ineligible to participate in extra-curricular activities.
  2. Eligibility
    1. The student must have successfully passed three full credit subjects or the equivalent during the previous semester.
    2. In case of incomplete work during a semester, credits made up in a manner accepted by the administration may be counted toward eligibility.
    3. The student’s grade point average for each quarter must be 1.85 or better with no appeal unless:
      1. The student has currently, within the last four years, been diagnosed with a learning disability.
      2. The student is under the care of a medical, psychological, or educational professional.
      3. The student, from first indication of academic difficulty (mid-quarter or earlier), is presently participating in the SEE Center.  This program includes tutoring and testing and is monitored by the SEE Center staff.
    4. The student may appeal for eligibility through the Guidance Director the first time they become ineligible.  A student is ineligible if he/she has a GPA below 1.85 and falls under one of the above criteria.
  3. Participation
    1. The student shall not be eligible for participation after eight semesters of enrollment; the last two must be consecutive.
    2. WIAA rules state a student owes loyalty and allegiance to the school and team of which he/she is a member during the season of a given sport.  A student becomes ineligible in a sport for the remainder of the season for competing in a nonschool game, meet, or contest in the same sport during the season of practice and competition established by the school.
  4. Age
    1. A student shall be ineligible for interscholastic competition if he/she reaches his/her 19th birthday before August 1 of any given school year.
  5. Academic Eligibility
    1. A student who becomes academically ineligible may regain eligibility by meeting the academic standard following a period of 15 scheduled school days and nights of ineligibility.
    2. A student regains eligibility immediately if incompletes are made up within two weeks after a grade-reporting period.  A student may erase ineligibility status following the last grade-reporting period of the school year through summer school courses (including correspondence courses) at the same or some other school, provided the course(s) made up are equivalent to the one(s) that caused the ineligibility.
    3. A student may erase ineligibility status related to the last grade-reporting period through summer school courses (including correspondence courses) at the same or some other school, provided the student successfully completes not less than the same number of courses, which caused ineligibility.
    4. A student who is ineligible for a minimum of 15 scheduled school days, under the provisions of this Section, may not return to competition until the school day following the 15-day ineligibility period.
    5. The ineligibility status described in the introduction to this Section (a) will be adjusted as follows for students in fall activities:
      1. Fall Activities – The minimum ineligibility period shall be the lesser of:
        1. 21 consecutive calendar days beginning with the date of earliest allowed competition in a sport/activity or
        2. One-third of the maximum number of games/meets allowed in an activity (rounded up if one-third results in a fraction).
    6. Grades of the 4th quarter of the previous year will determine eligibility for an athlete participating in fall sports.
  6. Code of Conduct
    1. A student who transfers from any school, whether or not a member school, with a status of ineligibility for disciplinary reasons retains such status at his/her new school for the same period as decreed by the former school.
Appeal Process in Cases of Ineligibility
A student with 2 Fs is not allowed to appeal his/her ineligibility.  The appeal process is only for instances of ineligibility with a GPA lower than 1.85 and not including 2 Fs.  If a student is found to be ineligible, an appeal may be requested based on one or more of the following qualifications:
  1. The student has currently, within the last four years, been diagnosed with a learning disability.
  2. The student is under the care of medical, psychological, or educational professional.
  3. The student, from first indication of academic difficulty (mid-quarter or earlier), is (or has in the past) working in the SEE Center.
  4. The student is ineligible for the first time.
A letter of appeal needs to be written from the student and family requesting eligibility and explaining the circumstances resulting in ineligibility.  Following quarters 1, 2, and 3 grading periods, the Guidance Director will solicit teacher feedback based on the letter of appeal and the student’s performance in the classroom.  The Eligibility Review Committee (ERC) will make a decision on an appeal 3 days following the submission of the appeal letter from the parents.
The Eligibility Review Committee is comprised of a faculty representative, a SEE Center representative, and the Guidance Director.  The Principal will serve as an advisory member of the ERC.  The Principal will become a voting member in the place of any member of the ERC who may have a conflict of interest with a student involved in the appeal process.
Should the appeal not go through, the student would be ineligible for 15 school days or 21 calendar days for fall activities.
%     Grade   GPA             
95-100 A 4.00 Excellent
93-94 A- 3.67  
91-92  B+ 3.33  
87-90 B 3.00 Good
85-86 B- 2.67  
83-84 C+ 2.33  
79-82 C 2.00 Average
77-78 C- 1.67  
75-76 D+ 1.33  
72-74 D 1.00 Poor
70-71 D- .67  
  E .33  
  F 0.0
(No Credit)
  I 0.0 Incomplete
  M 0.5 Medical