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An option parents should strongly consider is third party insurance for their Chromebook which covers breakage, theft, or loss. Insurance is optional, but typically it is very reasonably priced and offers peace of mind that your Chromebook is protected.  One option for insurance is Worth Ave. Group.  Click the logo below to request a quote.  Another option is through the store or online retailer you purchase from.  Most retailers, like Walmart, Best Buy, and Amazon, offer an optional insurance policy with the purchase of a Chromebook.
Again, insurance is optional for parents who own Chromebooks.  Keep in mind, however, that you are fully responsible to repair or replace your Chromebook should it be damaged, lost, or stolen.  For any insurance you purchase, payment and claims are made directly with whomever you purchase insurance from, and not through SLHS.
Contact the Technology Director for more information or if you have questions.