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National Honor Society

National Honor Society is a national organization that recognizes dedication, hard work and leadership among high school students.  Membership in NHS is available only through our school chapter.  We are not affiliated with any other group that solicits membership through the mail or internet.  There is no cost to you as a student for membership.  This is a recognition granted by Shoreland Lutheran High School’s chapter of National Honor Society. 

Membership in NHS is not determined by scholastic achievement alone. Membership in Honor Society is based on five areas:  Scholarship; Service to School, Church, and Community; Leadership; Maturation; and Spiritual Growth. 

As a member of National Honor Society you are expected to continue to serve your school, church and community.  One requirement of membership is to complete thirty-five hours of service each year of membership.  There will be many opportunities to earn these hours.  Some of your hours may be accumulated during the summer.  At least twenty hours must be accumulated during the school year at NHS and SLHS sponsored activities.   Every member is expected to attend all meetings and to participate in NHS activities. Three unexcused absences could put your membership in jeopardy. 

Our Shoreland Lutheran High School National Honor Society (NHS) advisor is Ms. Pappalardo.  Students invited to join NHS are in grade 11-12 and must make the honors (3.5 or higher GPA) category on the school honor roll. Once a member, students must voluntarily serve the school or the community, solve problems in the community, and be of a high moral character.