Chromebook Group Purchase

During the spring of 2021, Shoreland is again offering families the option of purchasing a Chromebook and warranty as part of a group purchase. Because there is a possibility there is going to be a shortage of Chromebooks this summer, we will be placing the order early in the summer to hopefully guarantee that will receive them in plenty of time for the new school year. The deadline for taking part in this order is going to be Friday, June 4.

This purchase will be done through the company Vivacity Tech. If you purchase a Chromebook with a warranty through this program, you will have the following benefits:

  • You will get both a Chromebook and a warranty at a special price and with no shipping charges.
  • If repairs are needed, Shoreland will help facilitate getting the repairs done under warranty. You will be able to drop it off for repairs at Shoreland, as opposed to shipping it out yourself.
  • While it is being repaired, Shoreland will provide a free loaner Chromebook.

If you purchase a Chromebook through this group purchase, but choose not to get the warranty, you will be responsible for fixing it on your own if it needs repairs. You would also need to supply a replacement Chromebook at your own cost while it is being repaired.

For the device to be covered under this warranty, it must be protected AT ALL TIMES by a case or shell.

It is absolutely necessary to keep the Chromebook in the case at all times in order to maintain the warranty. If a Chromebook is removed from the case, it will void the warranty and Shoreland will no longer assist in getting repairs performed or offer a free loaner Chromebook.

You are free to choose any Chromebook from Vivacity’s inventory. Click HERE to see their current supply. Please note that their inventory and prices are constantly changing. We cannot guarantee a particular Chromebook at a particular price until you have placed your order with Shoreland, made payment, and we have secured the device with Vivacity. If a Chromebook goes out of inventory or changes in price, you will need to choose a different model which will probably involve a change in price. You may also simply cancel your order for a full refund.

We have put together the following 3 options as examples of what is currently available in Vivacity’s inventory. You may choose any Chromebook from Vivacity’s inventory, as well as any case or shell. The warranty costs $59 for 4 years or $45 for 3 years. 

Option 1Option 2Option 3
Lenovo IdeaPad 3
(Factory Recertified)
$189HP 14 Touchscreen
(Factory Recertified)
$279Lenovo 300e Gen 2 2-in-1

• 11.6" HD (1366x768), TN Display
• Intel Celeron N4020 Processor; June 2026 Auto Update Expiration
• 4GB Memory; 32GB Storage
• I/O: 2 USB Type-C; 2 USB Type-A; 1 headphone/microphone combo; 1 microSD media card reader
• Factory Recertified
• 1-Year Limited Warranty

• 14" HD (1366x768), Touchscreen Display
• AMD A4-9120e Processor; June 2026 Auto Update Expiration
• 4 GB Memory; 32GB Storage
• I/O: 2 USB Type-C; 2 USB Type-A; 1 headphone/microphone combo
• Grade-A Refurbished: Perfect Condition. No scratches or wear
• 1-Year Limited Warranty

• 11.6" HD (1366x768), Touchscreen, IPS Display
• AMD A4-9120C Processor; June 2026 Automatic Update Expiration
• 4GB Memory; 32GB Storage
• 2-in-1 capable with a 360° hinge
• I/O: 2 USB Type-C; 2 USB Type-A; 1 headphone/microphone combo; 1 microSD media card reader
• New
• 1-Year Limited Warranty
4 year warranty$594 year warranty$594 year warranty$59
Vivacity 11" Work-In Case$15Vivacity 14" Work-In Case$19MaxCases Extreme Shell-S$38.99
11" Accessory Pouch$514" Accessory Pouch$6

If you do not get the warranty, you can also choose not to get the case. However, Shoreland will only handle repairs if you get the warranty and case.

Shipping is included in the prices, and sales tax will not be collected. You would be responsible for following tax laws for reporting sales and use tax when you file your state income tax return.

We will take orders on this group purchase until June 4.

If you would like to take part in this group purchase, click the link below to fill out the form. You will then need to make payment by cash or check in the school office, or mail your payment to Shoreland. Once we receive your payment, we will contact Vivacity to secure the model you have selected from their inventory. We cannot guarantee you will get that model at that price until that happens.

If you have any questions, contact Technology Director Daniel Nolte by email at

Click here to place order

Information about the Vivacity Warranty

This warranty plan includes:

  • Mechanical failures, i.e., motherboard failure, trackpad failure, etc.
  • Accidental Damage, i.e., cracked screens, failure due to liquid damage, etc.
  • Shipping costs for all repairs during the warranty period
  • Access to Vivacity Tech’s team of qualified technicians to advise on out of warranty repairs
  • Batteries will only be covered for the first year, beginning at invoice date

This plan DOES NOT include:

  • Theft, Acts of God and Intentional Damage, i.e., individual keys removed, inappropriate device use, etc.
  • Battery replacements after the first year.

Vivacity Tech will keep a running total calculating the repairs up to the value of the device. A simple example of this calculation: Customer purchases the device from Vivacity Tech for $200. The device is dropped and the screen cracks. The replacement screen costs $50. This device now has $150 worth of repairs left on its warranty life. The shipping and labor costs do not affect the remaining total.