The Fine Arts Program at

Shoreland’s fine arts department offers numerous opportunities for every interest and ability level through classes and clubs. Perform in a host of ensembles from smaller groups to our band, orchestra and choirs. Explore your inner artist through art classes that blend cutting-edge technology with traditional techniques. Try your hand at acting as a member of the Shoreland drama club where you will learn the art of storytelling and develop an appreciation for theater, while building and enhancing your public speaking skills and love of language. Keep reading to learn more.

Music Department

Musical talent is a gift from God that all are encouraged to develop and use in His service. The music department is dedicated to ensuring that each student receives a full and rewarding experience that includes gaining musical knowledge, refining technical skills and attaining excellence in the performance of a wide variety of music. The department also strives to support each student in growing an active faith and building Christian character traits.

The Shoreland Lutheran High School Music Department has five objectives:

Spiritual: To use our God-given musical abilities and talents to the fullest possible extent to the glory of our Father in heaven.

Educational: To develop creativity, impart musical knowledge and understanding, refine performance techniques, and develop an appreciation of music through performance.

Cultural: To develop an understanding that music and the arts are a reflection of our culture, its impact on us, and a legacy that we will leave for future generations.

Social: To assist in the development of the total person by providing healthy opportunities for social interaction and character development.

Service: To apply our musical gifts within the school, our churches and communities as a beginning of a lifelong habit.


Concert Band is an elective course open to all students with previous instrumental experience. Areas of emphasis include performance in concerts, solo/ensemble contest, basic music theory and general musicianship. Students are also encouraged to use their musical abilities to enhance worship at their home congregation. Extracurricular options for instrumental music students include pep band, jazz band and a summer marching band.

Choral Program

Shoreland promotes two different choral ensembles students can enroll in during the school year, Concert Choir and Chamber Choir. Students develop basic theory and sight-singing skills while developing ensemble singing. A wide variety of genres and performance experiences are available to students.

String Orchestra

String orchestra is open to students with prior string experience who would like to learn and develop string instrument technique. Students will build upon their past experience and further improve their string technique and musicianship through the performance of a wide variety of orchestra repertoire, and by studying solo pieces and string method books. Orchestra performs many times throughout the year. Students learn how to be examples and demonstrators of the gift of music with which God has so richly blessed them.

Middle School Opportunities

Shoreland provides a band and strings grade school music lesson program for students in grades 4-8 throughout our Shoreland federation grade schools. This program encourages middle school students to learn a band or string instrument during a weekly individual lesson and then use their musical gifts to participate in group band and orchestra rehearsals and concerts as well. This program is a wonderful opportunity to prepare younger students to be skilled musicians, ready to join advanced music ensembles such as band and orchestra when they come to Shoreland. Students in the grade school music program have opportunities throughout the year to play at their own grade school, perform a fall and spring concert at Shoreland, and play a solo at Shoreland Music Festival each March. There are countless opportunities for the grade school students to grow as musicians in this program.

Fine Arts Clubs

Visit the fine arts club page of the website to explore more opportunities.

Marissa Lake

Having the chance to work one-on-one with a voice coach at Shoreland also awakened Lake to new possibilities. “My voice teacher, Ben Jeske, had me perform in a competition called Diva Quest in Kenosha. I auditioned and made the top 10, which meant I could perform for a live audience.” Read her story