Chromebook Policy

Shoreland Lutheran High School provides students with the opportunity to use technology in the classrooms and at home. Shoreland has elected to be a 1:1 BYOC school. 1:1 means every student has a device. BYOC stands for Bring Your Own Chromebook, which means students purchase and bring their own Chromebooks.

Parents are responsible for purchasing Chromebooks for their enrolled children. Shoreland does not supply a Chromebook. (The exception would be students enrolled through one of the three private school choice programs. Click here for more information.)

Student Chromebooks must be registered with the school and will be put under Shoreland management. Once this happens, the Chromebook will only be able to be used with a Shoreland account and the content it can access will be filtered at all times (at school and at home) according to CIPA rules.

Parents and students are also responsible for any repairs to Chromebooks. For this reason it his strongly recommended that parents purchase an extended warranty that includes accidental damage protection.

To assist families in acquiring Chromebooks with warranties, and to help in facilitating repairs under warranty, Shoreland is offering parents the option of purchasing a Chromebook and warranty through a group purchase. Click here for more information.

Shoreland does maintain a small supply of Chromebooks that can be rented on a daily basis if a student forgot theirs or it is being repaired. The cost is $2 per day. Shoreland does not rent Chromebooks on a long term basis. The maximum length of a rental is 21 days. If a student needs a device while a Chromebook that was purchased through the group purchase is being repaired, the rental fee will be waived. Click here for more information.

Students who are using the same Chromebook for the new school year as they did at the end of the previous school year generally don’t need to do any Chromebook registration. New students, students with new Chromebooks, or students using a different Chromebook than they did at the end of the previous year need to go through Chromebook registration at one of the two Orientation Nights in August.