What does SCRIP stand for?
SCRIP is a universal name for real and negotiable paper gift certificates or prepaid debit cards. They are issued and guaranteed by restaurants, gas stations, department, grocery, and specialty stores.

How does SCRIP work?
– Purchase SCRIP from SLHS
– Shop at your regular grocer, fill up your car or truck at your usual gas station, eat at your favorite fast food establishment, etc.
– Pick up tools and materials for those home improvements at Sears, Home Depot, Menard’s, Lowe’s, and Ace Hardware
– Buy those clearance and back-to-school bargains at that special store (keeping in mind that JC Penny and Kohl’s allow you to use SCRIP to pay on your store charge account)
– Use SCRIP as cash when you pay for your purchases

What is a prepaid card?
This is most easily explained with an example. Say I purchase a $25 Bath and Body card from SLHS. Then I buy some lotion for a gift for my mother-in-law. I give the clerk my card and she deducts the cost from my card. My receipt shows that I spent $12.50 and that I have $12.50 left on the card to use later.

How do I earn tuition credit?
SLHS purchases SCRIP at a discounted rate and sells them to you at face value. The difference between face value and their cost to us becomes profit. 30% of the profit goes to SLHS Operations and the other 70% can be designated for tuition credit.

Why must I complete a Release Form for Delivery of SCRIP?
Our computer software requires names and addresses to track SCRIP purchases. Who will be picking up or delivering your SCRIP? Is your profit going to an enrolled family’s tuition or to a future Pacer, to Operations, or tuition assistance?

When will we receive tuition credit?
All profit earned between May and October is for the spring semester. Profit earned between November and April is credited for the following fall semester.

**If your son or daughter happens to be a Senior, you may still earn credit right up until the April before that student graduates. Please speak with the SCRIP staff concerning this special situation.

All profit earned by families of future Pacers is kept in a Money Market Investment Account until he/she is enrolled at SLHS.

Students who withdraw or do not enroll cannot receive cash for their profit. However, they can choose to give it to another family or to operations.

Do I need to be a parent of a Shoreland student to participate?
Anyone–parents, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, your boss, or even students–can order SCRIP. They can designate their profit toward a student’s tuition, our Tuition Assistance Fund, or our Operations Fund.

What does that % mean before the business on the order form?
The percentage listed on the order form indicates the amount of discount we realize when we buy that business’s SCRIP. For example, if I order a Panera Bread gift card, I earn 9%, which is $.90.

How long are the certificates and cards good for?
Many are good for one (1) year; some, for two (2) years; some, no expiration date! The website that has all that great information is

How often must I buy SCRIP?
You can order weekly, monthly or whenever you choose—this is an ongoing activity. The more you buy on a regular basis, the more profit you earn.

How do I get SCRIP?
Send your order and payment with your student or volunteer any time before Mondays at 8 a.m. Orders are processed at this time.

SCRIP is ready for pick up or delivery by Thursdays at noon when ordered by 8 a.m. on Monday. Or we do keep a “store” of frequently purchased cards that can be picked up from school on a Monday or Thursday. Your church might have the “store” on a certain Sunday each month, too. Watch for information!

Is SCRIP available during the summer and over holidays?
SCRIP is available throughout the year, including summer, but there will be no SCRIP ordered the weeks of Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, or school recesses.

What SCRIP do you have on hand?
If you look at an order form, we keep the bold faced vendors’ cards in our “store” here at school. It is first come first serve and for some restaurants we keep smaller numbers of cards at a time. Otherwise we order Mondays and receive it by Thursday. We can also order any vendor’s SCRIP that is listed on the website.

Who can we contact with questions?
Contact Scrip volunteers by email,, or call Joy Strutz at 262 989 7772. You can download an order form from the SLHS website. If you share your email address with you will receive emails concerning new vendors, bonuses, and vendor offers throughout the year.