International Information

Shoreland International Profile

  • ESL Classes
  • 100% graduation rate
  • 95% of graduates continue to post-secondary studies
  • 33% of Shoreland educators have advanced degrees
  • AP Courses are offered in all core subjects
  • 12-1 student-teacher ratio
  • Award winning STEM program
  • Individualized Instruction
  • College Guidance Program
  • Student Mentoring Program

Shoreland students are accepted at universities across the United States including:

Kalamazoo CollegeArt Center College of DesignUniversity of Chicago
Northwestern UniversitySchool of Visual Arts, New YorkUniversity of Oregon
University of Wisconsin - MadisonButler UniversityLoyola University, Chicago
Valparaiso UniversityBelmont UniversityLawrence University
Purdue UniversityMilwaukee School of EngineeringIndiana University
University of MinnesotaIowa State UniversityMarquette University

Individualized Instruction

Shoreland keeps educators on hand specifically to offer one on one instruction for our international students because of the challenges of Shoreland’s rigorous curriculum, and also to encourage students to do their best; making that “B” student into an “A” student. All international students are required to use our tutoring service for the 1st semester of school. Evaluations will be done to see if continued tutoring is needed. Shoreland administration will be the deciding authority as to whether a student needs to continue or restart tutoring each semester.

Student Mentoring Program

International students will meet their American student mentor at orientation on the first day of school. Their mentor will help them acclimate to student culture at Shoreland; giving the international student a guide for daily student life. Shoreland student mentors are chosen by the administration based on their leadership abilities and willingness to serve.

College Guidance

College guidance begins at the 9th grade level at Shoreland Lutheran and continues to graduation. International students are given one-on-one attention; making sure they are taking classes that are the best options for college acceptance and receiving assistance with the college application and transcript process. Visit the Guidance Department to learn more about Shoreland’s testing information.

International Student Support Team
International Directors
Mr. Paul Scriver
Mrs. Julie Uher

International Student Support
Mrs. Julie Uher

International College Guidance
Mr. Jeff Dorn
Mrs. Sue Scriver