Sponsor Directory


Shoreland Lutheran High School’s Sponsor Directory was developed for two reasons:

  • To promote Christian education through Shoreland’s annual fund.
  • To provide the users of the directory with peace of mind that they are receiving a product or service from an individual or business operated by Christian-minded individuals who are affiliated with Shoreland Lutheran High School.

Interested in being part of the Sponsor Directory?

Click this link and enter your contact information to start the process. There are many ways to support Shoreland’s Christ-centered ministry. Contact Ben Olson, our mission advancement director, at (262) 859-2595, ext. 205, or to learn more.

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Shoreland Lutheran High School; any entity associated with this organization; and the officers, directors, staff or members of this organization, are simply acknowledging these business providers for their support of Shoreland’s Tuition Assistance Fund; they have not recommended or endorsed any of the services offered, and as such are not responsible for any consequences relative to the transactions and agreements they may generate.