Good Search

What is Goodsearch?

Goodsearch is a Yahoo!-powered search engine. Each time you search online through Goodsearch, a donation will be made to Shoreland.

How do I start raising money for Shoreland?

  1. Visit and designate Shoreland.
  2. Create a user profile that will allow you to keep track of your individual amount raised.
  3. Use the search box on the Goodsearch homepage or download a Good To-Go add-on to search the Internet just like you normally would, with the added bous that you are earning a donation for virtually every search.

How much can I earn for Shoreland?

Each qualifying web search generates approximagely one cent. These pennies add up quickly. Just think of how often you search for something!

How do I make Goodsearch my homepage?

Internet Explorer
Go to Tools and select Internet Options
Select the General Tab
Paste as the homepage and click OK

Go to Tools and select Options (Windows users) OR select Preferences on Firefox (Mac users)
Select the General Tab
Paste as the homepage and click OK

Go to the upper right hand corner of the screen and click on the Tools Icon
Select Settings
Under the On Startup section, choose Set Pages
Add to the URL box and click close

Where can I find more details about Goodsearch?

Find more details on their Frequently Asked Questions page.

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