Cantate Choir
Cantate Choir is an elective one year course. Students learn to develop proper breathing, vocal skills and ear training. The chorus performs in the school concerts and for chapel services.

Festival Choir
Festival Choir is a one year elective, open to sophomores, juniors and seniors who pass an entrance audition. Students should possess the skills taught in Chorus, plus have the ability to do basic sight-singing. The Festival Choir is an ambassador group of the school that sings in the federation congregations during the school year. The choir also performs for chapel and for the WELS Choral Festival. A robe fee is required of each student.

Marissa Lake

Having the chance to work one-on-one with a voice coach at Shoreland also awakened Lake to new possibilities. “My voice teacher, Ben Jeske, had me perform in a competition called Diva Quest in Kenosha. I auditioned and made the top 10, which meant I could perform for a live audience.” Read her story